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Enter now to experience the amazing Mdumbi Trail Run taking place since 2012.

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Our Saturday runs:

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This beauty is for the weekend warrior.

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For the rebel who is looking for a challenge.

Our Sunday run:

Mdumbi Trail Run 2020
08 Aug 2020, 06:00
Mdumbi Backpackers
Distances for all ages and skill levels! This year, we have a two day option for the brave.




Report of Mdumbi Trail Run 2019

On the 10 August 2019 Transcape NPO hosted the Mdumbi Trail Run 2019. This was the eighth running of this event since its inception in 2012. The annual migration to Mdumbi backpackers, of this crazy eclectic trail species, serves as a fundraiser for Transcape NPO. 100% of the proceeds raised goes towards the multitude of projects that Transcape NPO facilitates, ranging from Health to Education to Socio-Economic and everything in between. 

In 2019 we decided to include a longer distance to the event, so for the clinically insane we added a 34km route to the already existing 8km and 17km distances. It was a welcome addition and definitely boosted interest, we had 21 athletes who competed in the 34km race. The 17km challenge also saw a 70% growth in numbers from 2018. The trail routes are all extremely beautiful with a perfect balance of rural Transkei, inland indigenous forest and coastal splendour all while having the amazing support of the local people to offer moral cheer. The difficulty or technical rating of this run is an 8/10.

In closing it is a healthy fun enjoyable way to spend time with friends, family and like-minded people and we challenge everyone young and old to come and experience the Mdumbi Trail run organized by Transcape NPO.



Interesting Information


Tshani Junior Athletic Club

The Transcape Mdumbi Trail Run is a fundraising event where the funds raised will go towards the Tshani junior Athletic Club. This initiative was established to empower the youth of Mankosi community through sport. The Tshani junior A/C serves as a healthy, fun environment which is coupled with an after school reading enrichment program. The project aims to educate the youth to not turn to alcohol and drugs and to be responsible for their health. Transcape NPO also provides a nutritious meal for all the runners whom do not have a meal let alone a balanced one. Thank you for your interest / participation in this event, it helps.


Accommodation Options

Mdumbi Backpackers (The runs start and end here): 083 4611 834 and on

Vukani Backpackers: 071 8576 989

Anchorage Hotel: 083 2720 008

Ocean View Hotel (Coffee Bay): 083 7913 010


Run with Strava

We have mapped the routes on Strava and if you are a Strava member you can follow the route on your smartphone. This is recommended as the the rolling hills of the Transkei can consume a lonely Trail adventurer.



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